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The Starsinic Summer Home

Beach Haven, New Jersey

"It is always ourselves we find in the sea."
                       - e.e. cummings

The William Starsinic Family lived in Philadelphia, Pa. during the winter months and in Beach Haven, New Jersey during the summer months.  As soon as school was over for Bill and Frank, the family would leave for the beach, heading over the causeway, and on to Long Beach Island.  The Island is 18 miles long, six miles out to sea and has the most incredible, white, sandy beaches!  This was a beautiful place for friends and family to gather and bond with loving memories.


Bill Starsinic - 1939

What a great summer home this was for the Starsinics, their friends and relatives! The entire upper level could be used as a dormer for all the children! Imagine the fun they must have had! Sunny Days could be spent playing in the sand and surf, shelling along the shore, or fishing for “Blues”.

Bill and Helen Starsinic

Rainy days were usually spent working on a family project, reading or playing board games. Bill, Frank and their cousins learned how to quilt, crochet and sew while living at the beach! Jane Zerance mentioned they also learned how to knit Argyle Socks!


This colorful quilt was given to me by Helen Starsinic who assembled it with the helpful hands of family members in Beach Haven.

The Lucy Evelyn

  Going into the village for a day of shopping on the Sloop, Lucy Evelyn or a drive to Barnegat Lighthouse, on the northern tip of the island, was always fun!

Barnegat Lighthouse

Bill Starsinic and friends - 1941

A note from Bill Starsinic:

"The house was already owned when I was born.  My mother took me there the summer I was born.  There was a terrible hurricane and the house was covered with water to the roof of the first story. I was born in July and that would be 1935. I don't know if they owned it before then."  ...Bill

Frank at the Beach - 1941

"Nothing but dunes and the ocean, as far as you could see!" -Frank

This is a great photograph because it shows the proximity of the Starsinic home to the ocean as well as this precious hunk all covered with sand.  Frank always loved the ocean and was fortunate to have lived near the Atlantic or the Pacific most of his life.  His favorite was always Beach Haven!

Angelina Nenadov (left) with her friend, Lena Matein


       I do not think these two little boys were far from the watchful eye of their beloved Grandmother,  Angelina Nenadov.  Angelina lived with the family in Philadelphia and Beach Haven from the time Bill and Frank were babies.  They caller her Baba and they adored her!

Bill and Frank with their Uncle George Starsinic


George Starsinic married Dorothy Moreland while stationed in England during World War 11.  You can see a photo of their beautiful wedding in Liverpool by clicking this link.
  • Uncle George and Aunt Dorothy Moreland Starsinic's Wedding Photo

    Frank and Bill at the Milic Farm in Medford Lakes, NJ

     Long Beach Island was closed for a time during the Second World War and Bill and Frank were able to experience life on a farm!  The little one in this photo loved to tell the story of how he and Dusi let the bull out of the barn one day!

    Joan Marie, Jane Zerance
    Seated - Bill Starsinic and Maralyn Platt

    Maralyn Platt, Bill Starsinic and Jane Zerance


    Friend, Bill Starsinic, Jane Zerance
    Frank Starsinic


    Carolina Beach, NC


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