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The Nenadov Family


Helen and Eva Nenadov
Philadelphia,  Pa - 1919

(This photo was always Bill Starsinic's favorite of his mother and Aunt Eva)

St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church of Padej, Serbia

From the Book, “Padej”
 (A Christmas gift to Frank from Zorica and Bogdan Nenadov of Padej)

Painting of the River Tisa

     Padej is a village in the Banat, along the Tisa River in Serbia and dates back to the year 1211.  It is the ancestral village of the Nenadov family and the birthplace of Bill and Frank Starsinic’s grandfather, Milorad Nenadov.

A panoramic view of Padej
From the book, “Padej” - 1978

Photo permission from "Kin Ships"

The Slavonia

Milorad Nenadov     February 1, 1907      Port of Fiume

Milorad (Michael) Nenadov
Philadelphia, Pa.

     Milorad Nenadov was the son of Mladan Nenadov and his wife Kata Cekrdzin.  Mladan was a “Constable” in Padej and Milorad was trained as an Orthopedist in the Turkish Army.

     Milorad (Michael) Nenadov continued his Orthopedic practice after arriving in America with an office in his home on Third Street in Philadelphia, Pa.  He was in partnership with another Dr. in Philadelphia and, at times, they would travel with one of the Major League Baseball teams as team Physicians.

The Manyin Family